Reviews for "Can't Remember Where I Am"

Very Warm

I am making something similar to this, but it will be a lot more mellow. Some of the background noises that you use are to etchy and hurt my ears a bit. I have a great pair of headphones, so it really is the quality of the sounds and not just me. This really takes me on a trip through the city, late at night watching the neon lights pass by my forehead as I trail aimlessly through the concrete and steel maze. The combination of noises seem to just trail me off to where i cant even focus on the song anymore. That is a great effect.

I am listening to the full version now, here is what I see:

I stare out my window inside my small apartment. The buildings that make up my home have always towered high above my head, blocking out the golden rays of the sun. They cast gloomy shadows over my world and laugh at me as I try to find peace in this concrete jungle of chaos. I close the blinds and grab my shoes, grabbing a water from my fridge. I walk out my door and step into the dark hallway of the high rise that I must refer to as my home. I drowsily walk through it and make my way outside only to be greeted by the loud obnoxious noise of cars and people blabbering on their cell phones.

I walk with the crowds, staring straigh ahead into nothingness in an attempt to escape from my reality. It is nearly impossible, but soon I figure out a way to make everything blend together into a peaceful sound of harmony. I sit down on a bench and close my eyes. The world turns around me into a deep shade of black. I fall asleep.

Lapse responds:

Thank you for the review, man. This is a great a read. As I said above. I'm going to try and work with the drums a bit more, doing something a bit different by chance. Thank you for the beautiful words. I'm glad it paints a vivid set of imagery for you. That's my aim. I'm glad you could be taken somewhere. It's fairly spot on to the feelings behind this.

Can't Remember...

...The last time I've heard something this relaxing.
The song has a warm feel and relaxing cords casting the listener into a urban atmosphere. As said below by FatKidWitAJetPak, the techno noises throw the listener's atention off the song, an effect similar to the life in a big city, where the crowds and the overwhelming advertisement often give a feeling of confusion similar to amnesia.

Originality: 10/10. I'm pretty sure I've never heard something like this on NG or in any other place.

Atmosphere: 10/10. Since this song is in the Ambient section, this is probably the most important atribute and "Can't Remember Where I Am" excels in this.

Instruments: 9/10. I'm not a particular techno fan and the noises hurt my ears a bit, but the guitar sounded amazing, thus, improving this score to a 9 by itself.

Thanks for this piece, mr. Lapse Sound, I hope to hear more good things from you and, with this review, I hope to have acomplished my fair of the trade. Time to download the song...

Lapse responds:

Thanks a lot for this review Leoraga. Excellent to see an in depth write. It's a rare sight. I'm glad you like my piece. Yeah, the drums may be a little too harsh, I'm going to try and work to potentially fix that. I've had a few people dislike. Again, thank you for your great review, definitely worthy of a download :P

I hope it brings you some good times.

hay this is nice

i just almost fell asleep - good job

Lapse responds:

Thats a good thing.


This reminds me when I was at some desert...some of my friends got hit by RPGs..

Lapse responds:



reminds me of lego island for some reason... is that wierd

Lapse responds:

Perhaps a little.