Reviews for "Can't Remember Where I Am"

Great Job!

It really captures the feeling I have when I'm just waiting around with a cup o' tea, watching the snow drift slowly downward . Can't wait to hear the full version.

Lapse responds:

I hope you like the full. I'm glad to have presented imagery for you as well.


Very relaxing and comforting, I love it. It's soothing, just what I'm in the mood for right now. Not my style, but noe the less it's stll great.

Lapse responds:

Good that it fits.


nice it helps me go to sleep great job!

Lapse responds:

Thank you :)

It's like Afi

I love the calm guitar with hard hitting techno beat with great repition and contrast of the guitar and techno beat is great! The only other time I've heard music like this that worked as good was with Afi. I would like to see more music like this. Grate job!

This really

It's a great piece indeed, the title reminds me about minecraft wehn im on the loose and just walking around my world without really having any directions at all...
And mainly what i always tend to think when i create a new world...
It's a great piece to drift off to and think to...

Lapse responds:

Oh man, I love minecraft. Me and two other friends got a server going :)
I actually have an unreleased piece (still adding finishing touches) that was inspired after roaming around in single player, haha. Good stuff, man, thanks for the review.