Reviews for "Can't Remember Where I Am"

It reminds me of pillow talk.

It's dreamy.

Lapse responds:



This is so weird. Yet so good at the same time! :S

Lapse responds:

Weirds good. :D


This touched my heart, good job.

Lapse responds:

Thats wonderful, thank you.


very........sooothing........im gonna..............sleep.............
........IM AWAKE!!

Like it.

I've always been a fan of Illuminate Me, and decided today that I'd come back and hear the rest of your stuff. I really like what I hear man. I'm designing my own computer game (not flash), and have been looking out for glitchy but relaxed ambient pieces to go in the background. It's supposed to be an RPG game with progressively generated environments (meaning the game will make the world for you, different every time), and I feel that dreamlike, ambient-industrial, or rather old-school 8 to 16 bit songs would provide the perfect soundtrack. If you'd like to know more about the development (if I ever finish it, and manage to start selling it, all audio contributors would recieve a free copy), as of now it's only a tileset. I'm not even sure I still want it to be 2D. Open to storyline and other suggestions for it if you have any.

Lapse responds:

Nice, nice. That's cool man. I made that song a long while ago. It's great to see you come back and have a listen again. Since then, I've released an album (if you want, you can find the details of that at my NG homepage). I like the sound of your game. Your progressive generation sounds like Minecraft (which I have been playing a lot of it lately, so fun). I do ambient, glitchy, even mix 8-bit in the mix. A lot of my songs have a bit of an 8-bit melody or something to them. I wouldn't mind try to make a contribution. I'd rather start on something when I see you've got your stuff happening and see you making progress. I'm currently working on a soundtrack for a game, actually. First time I've done anything like it. Hit me me up.