Reviews for "At the Restaurant"


Nice use of the T&J intro music.

lol funny

This is a well deserved top 10.

This was hilarious...

Sorry I gave you a 0 for sound, that's because I had the sound turned off...sorry again :( but the flash itself was brilliant


good movie somewhat althou i didnt really know wat was going on.

Silly. And its good.

The song worked wonders on this. As you're watching it you're just like "whats going on?" and then you realize at the end. More simple funniness like this is needed in my life. Make more!

MyKindOfFlash responds:

That was my aim, the punchline was the realization that the guy was just distracting the waiter in order to not pay, and the "you gotta pay you jerk!", "no!" was first two lines I thought of, the rest I wrote building up to that point. Thanks.