Reviews for "At the Restaurant"

Very Family Guy Like

Which was a good thing! I like your vids :)

he was right...

he was right it was pretty predictable and well the dance thing wasnt...was that tom and jerry music...?lol anyway nice work


that was a pretty funny animation. it was a little bit predictable that he'd run away without paying, but the little dance routine he did in the middle of the restaurant was unexcepted... nice to see. the graphics were nice, good audio and voices, it was funny and nice to watch.
good job on this one, and glad to see it win an award.


I thought this was great but don't make a longer flash... this was short, sweet and funny. Anything longer will just fail. Believe me!

Leave it at this!

MyKindOfFlash responds:

Thanks, I apreciate your comments. I know where you're coming from, and I enjoy making short, snappy flashes a lot, so I figured I'll make lots of those as well, as a few lengthier flashes here and there.


AHA! Thats the funniest thing i watched today