Reviews for "At the Restaurant"

Ha! Nice!

Excellent! "No!"


this is probably the 10th time ive watched this flash and I still dont get tired of it. The simplicity of this flash makes it priceless. Seems like you can pull out of everything, great flash I simply love it! haha
Just work a bit in the animation, too much tweening.

PS: I showed this to my friends they loled

Total lolness!

(Worships the God of laughter)

MyKindOfFlash responds:

Thank you, that is the single most greatest review ever!

Ghastly accent...

... the waiter had. Haven't you guys learnt yet since Mary Poppins that no-one in the world talks like that apart from Dick Van Dyke trying to do a Cockney London accent!

I don't know- perhaps it adds to the humour!

good animation and art


This was not as good as ur boing shoes. But this was an older flash so at least ur work is improving. Great animation though. Nice art. Just work on the humor.