Reviews for "At the Restaurant"


Haha I gotta try that sometime!

Not much to say, you know constructive wise. It's helluvalot funny! Plus I like Familiy Guy and American Dad, so the style is spot on!

Please do not wash Hands.

Funny animation. The music fits in really well with the whole thing. I love it when the characters act completley out of place like that.

MyKindOfFlash responds:

I wouldn't mind that front page feature - I TOO DEMAND FRONTPAGE!

It will get more views and I think more people interested into my aniamtions, so i am working on a new animation now. Longer than this one.

"You gotta pay, you jerk!" "NO!"

I liked that little reality check there! It made me laugh out loud! Your animation was good and I loved your use of the Tom and Jerry theme. It's funny; but when I used to hear that song, I never thought of dancing. However, it fit perfectly with your theme!

MyKindOfFlash responds:

Thank you. One of this reasons this animation took the amount of time it did to make was because of the music. I was looking for a jolly, jaunty tune which I just couldn't find; I wanted it to be a splashy 1950's piece but with no singing to it and just then I remembered the Tom and Jerry tune - it worked wonders! Thanks for the review.

haha classic

i love the dance. reminded me of family guy in both animation style and humor. music choice was brilliant.

keep em rollin.


aw man, i was all excited to see this, then it was so short.
you're cool. make a longer one.
and also, cool style. with the legs and stuff. it works well.
make a longer flash.