Reviews for "At the Restaurant"

lol owned

nice work i had a good laugh out of that.
Nice art work btw :D

it was awesome

its one of the best flashes iv seen on newgrounds it should be up top #1 i thought the end was great where the guy was yelling at him and the beginning where he starts to dance.

Pretty funny

now this is a pretty short, but funny, flash, the scene at the very end was my favorite. nice use of music as well, good job!


I love you :)

MyKindOfFlash responds:

Are you IN love with me? Because I'm lonesome...


I found this brilliant. Great job on every aspect, I think the audio quality at the end wasn't up to par with the rest, but doesn't matter. Very underrated.

Keep it up.

MyKindOfFlash responds:

Thanks, pal. I think it's underrated too. Come on everyone, overrate it -- NOW!