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Reviews for "Mouse Maze 3"

Very nice maze game.

I really liked this maze game but I found 2 glitches.
Glitch#1:When you move the cursor fast it can go through walls(sometimes,not always)
Glitch#2:Sort of a glitch the right click and then left click cheat thing,you should fix that.
Anyways it was a great game




took a awhile to release this but it was worth the wait

This game was really good.

You even made it impossible for people to cheat.

There was only one glitch that I noticed. Sometimes, when you collect a coin, your coin count goes up by two, making it easier to beat a level. You should fix that.

Ways to improve/Suggestions:
1. Some calming music (with a mute button, of course), would make the game more calming and enjoyable.


Not good not bad. Keeps u entertained 4 a while