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Reviews for "Requiem for a Dream Remake"


I loved everything about this song, melody, articulatuon, tempo, dynamics, it was all great, I'll give it a well deserved 5/5, excellent job!


If the original author wanted to redo his own work digitally, I'm totally sure he couldn't make it sound this great.

AWESOME work getting all the harmony in there - it all sounds correct to me, and that's no minor thing, I know how long it can take.
The drums were well in time, suitable, and not over-powering.
Good tempo, though I might have went about 10-15 bpm faster.
The choir/pad was great, but personally I'd include more. It helps make it sound even more epic.

Aside from my knit-picking, that was, overall, outstanding. You deserve an award! Keep it up!

10/10, 5/5

This sure is cool :D

Nah, this one sure is cool :D
especially the drums :D
It gives an epic battle theme ^^.

Could you please tell me with what kind of program you made this ??

Reason ?? Fruity Loops ??
If you used fruityloops could you please tell me what plugin you used ? :D

5/5 10/10 DOWNLOADED.

perhaps i wil use this for my new flash movie :D


Im sorry sir but i must say you are wrong! I believe this is much better then the original, and you need too make a Saw movie theme remix cause I know it would kick some major ass.


pretty cool i love this song so much its so beast good job keep it up :D