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Reviews for "Throw Jack"


I love ragdoll games, yours is so cool! =D
Good job!


You just need sound

All you need is more objects, and maybe some tunes

That's all that could make this game better, I swear if you make a v.2 I'll jump up & down for a hour!!! I love Ragdoll Physics!!!

Who the f&^% is Jack?

Try adding more piraƱas in a next version. X) It's fun smashing him into the left side of the screen and omg, he sticks to the pole! :D No use man! no-one can save you now! *muhahahahaaa*
It was sadistic. So I gave it a 4/5. :)
The fan was cool, you can add more of those too. And violant, hungry birds, gulls are the worst, could be fun too.
Oh and sound, just some stupid background music should do the trick. :)


i would like more ragdoll games like this but also heres 'tip: you can move the wood pool and boat