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Reviews for "Throw Jack"


i would like more ragdoll games like this but also heres 'tip: you can move the wood pool and boat


but its way 2 small. make it bigger with more interactions, like throwing him against will knock it down, & the fish start 2 eat him when hes in the water, & so on

I want version 2.0


Yes, that was great.
It could do with more stuff though.

A bit of work would make this even better.

Who the f&^% is Jack?

Try adding more piraƱas in a next version. X) It's fun smashing him into the left side of the screen and omg, he sticks to the pole! :D No use man! no-one can save you now! *muhahahahaaa*
It was sadistic. So I gave it a 4/5. :)
The fan was cool, you can add more of those too. And violant, hungry birds, gulls are the worst, could be fun too.
Oh and sound, just some stupid background music should do the trick. :)

srry man but this just aint for newgrounds

well... good game my man but it just aint good enough for newgrounds by my judgment.
teh guy falls appart if u shake with him too much and stuff
P.S. yes I know i dont have any of my flash on this website, they blammed all of my stuff