Reviews for "Starkweather"


Wow great music.. It's beautiful. :)

cycerin responds:

i'm glad you like it!

So.. magical.

This is one of the best tunes on newgrounds. Even though it's short, it still tops many other songs :).

Really Magical. New genre.

Some deep-house\ambient\avant-garde + inspiration = Starkweather.
It is some magic-nano-field covered city, that dont have peoples only different bio-mech's, or other-world creatures, and all of them have different psy-abilites.
Yeah, its weird, but true. Excellent.

needs to be longer

pretty much a perfect audio portal song, probably only heard 6-10 that I could say I truly liked more. it's just it's waaaayyyy tooo fucking short, right when you ended is when you needed to go even harder and better.

cycerin responds:

i ran out of inspiration broseph but i'll give it a go later, i still have the project file and all the stuff i rendered

Whoa. I came to your profile after hearing Winterbliss on my playlist. This one is just as good. Well done.