Reviews for "Starkweather"

Really Magical. New genre.

Some deep-house\ambient\avant-garde + inspiration = Starkweather.
It is some magic-nano-field covered city, that dont have peoples only different bio-mech's, or other-world creatures, and all of them have different psy-abilites.
Yeah, its weird, but true. Excellent.

So.. magical.

This is one of the best tunes on newgrounds. Even though it's short, it still tops many other songs :).

Incredibly Beautful!

This song is very impressive. Gave me the shivs! I would consider it Pop Ambient, even though its not a category lol. But the melody and harmony was well written. Your choice of instruments was perfect! There is nothing wrong with this track at all, other than one thing. Just the fact that it doesn't change musically, melody wise. Supposing it IS an ambient song it's actually right on track :). But that is the least of you worries. Definetly the best ambient song I have heard on NG's by far! It was splendid hearing this & i hope to hear more of you in the future. Keep up the amazing work!

Review: 9
Vote: 5
Total: 14/15

cycerin responds:

I always have a headache trying to place my tracks in NG's category system. Thanks for the appreciation!


Wow great music.. It's beautiful. :)

cycerin responds:

i'm glad you like it!

Great song!

This is epic, and i really mean it.

cycerin responds: