Reviews for "Lil' Buddy"

How very sad indeed.

It's not the same without the little Leo speech and Satan scream at the end. That changes the whole mood of the song.

@ Twitchy

I killed your cat :(


Everybody is putting sad shit on it yet it says "Maybe wank extra hard to it???" in the authors comments. Jesus Christ, these people must be assholes.

Probably a little biased towards this...

See, I love Leo and Satan 3. I had this song open in a tab while I was at my friend's house yesterday, and while I was heading out into the night to grab something from the car, I discovered that his cat, the little kitten who nearly died from antifreeze poisoning not a month ago, was lying in the street, bleeding out after being hit by a car.

He was already dead.

I gathered up his little broken body, covering myself with blood in the process, and brought him back inside. We lit a candle for him, cried, and buried him.

I'm gonna miss our Lil' Buddy.

my feelings

this song is like my life ... my fiancee died on cancer and this is what I feel. thanks for this music , I love it