Reviews for "Lil' Buddy"

i like it very very much

if u made this and even if u didnt u are awsome

heard this in leo and satan ;)

awesome song really

it's so beautiful

This is an absolute masterpeice, beautiful yet sad at the same time, i plea to yo- i IMPLORE you to make an extended version of this music, the only negative of this music is it's too short!


Im a fanatic to classical and strive to hear good music. This this is brilliant, not just classical but EPIC! Newgrounds needs to make an epic music category.... or do they have one? i must investigate further! keep at it for sure :D

And the truth has been shown...

Reality is an illusion and we are living it...Same failure over and over again...
This song?...Is rare..Just rare and beautiful..Because one of the doors that we can escape from reality for a moment..Put your hand like you are praying upon the light..And think that all bad things that happens you...They are repeating right?...
This is kinda song that you hear at end of a game or movie...The main character
get trough lots of bad things and finds the reason is from a guy with mask...
After killing him with an anger..He finds out he killed himself...In real life we are the main character and the mask is what we think about bad things...But in real
It is a failure of ourselves...Same failure everyday...Thanks for making a song to exit from that...Thanks..Just thanks