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Reviews for ""Get A God" #2"

Nice one

I loved that.
Did you know that you can do everything on a PC that Mac claims to be able to do, so those Mac adverts are pointless.

Cambo responds:

I don't think those Mac adverts are pointless, their point is to advertise an Apple product. I use an iBook.


very nicly done but maby have a back ground make them like at work or something but awsome job

Cambo responds:

It wouldn't really fit the format the Mac ads set for me... oh by the way they're formatted like Mac ads.


I enjoy this series very much. I only have one question though, was this influenced by the Apple commercials? Keep up the good work.

Cambo responds:

Yeah it was, those "Get A Mac" ads are where I got everything basically, including the title. I think it's funny treating complex religious issues as a simple side-by-side comparison - irresponsible maybe, but funny!


lol that was great. even better than the first. keep it up

good flash

and to the person below my.... no one is that religuis you lieing idiot...
quite bashing other religions to make youreself look cool.