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Reviews for ""Get A God" #2"

very good my friend!

I love both flashes so far ur doing a great job with the animation and the lip movements and i added u as a one of my fav so u must be makeing it an awsome series and i will always review ur shows and they come out and leave hopefully a helpfull and insightful review. please try and make it a bit longer and u have dont some thing thats hard to do and thats make a vid in which is 30 seconds and good congrats!!!



Illegal downloads would do that.

I wouldn't do that (especially for some crappy ass christian hip hop) but that would work to that end. *claps some more*

-Piracy is a virtue, for a pirate-

***WARNING!*** The following text is meant as a joke, and if it is true, then you are truly screwed.

Heh, that's funny. No offence to any Christians, but some of you can be very hypocritical. The Christian priests prove that. They don't even read the bible all the way through! Now don't get me wrong, I haven't either, but at least I'm trying.

Of course I could be wrong about that, but, hey! Every one likes to make fun of religion every once in a while!


"But if you illegaly download music then your commenting a sin? 'Cause your stealing!" Quote From Ylurt,
Well Done, that was the punchline :)