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Reviews for "Line Runner"

Just awsome

Dude, like, bananalicious.
No objections on this one.
Line runner FTW!

Definately need theme song though!! Definately!


I LOVED this game!

Hey dude! I was one of the people that replied on your origional forum post about that character when you were asking wether he looked better with or without his goggles on. only i think i had one of my older accounts then...
i was either called ANIME-tion or the story teller.
in either case im glad to see you went with my opinion on him ^_^
i love the art, i love the game, i love everything about it.
seriously great job ^_^


Great game! I especially liked the music! If it's a real song, what's it called and who's the band that plays it?

Uber Awesome

I've played this game so many times and it never gets old! I've even got 2 3rd places for todays date! 5 and 10 star!


I've played this game a hundred times and it's awesome and all. but the desire of that song is killing me! Please what is it called?! I'm working on a project that needs a song like that.