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Reviews for "Line Runner"

High Score Number 38

That game is awesome. I can't believe I actually made it onto the High Score board in only 3 tries. This game is really fun and what is that audio called.

This game is so hard...

That if I was an asshole I would 1 it for "omg suxxor". BUT, I am not.

I hated the fact that I suck at this game, but the game itself - I loved.

Feel 5'ed and keep up the good work.

great game

Its a really good game and yeah i think this could be a wii game sorta czu you kinda have the controls down and stuff . this games really addicting too.you make another oen but kinda more arcadish then time trails like you could have enemys that you can destroy but still have the same concpet of moving and you have a health and you need to make it to the end before dying and faster you get there more bonus you get and stuff yeah im just throwing it out there.


this is an amazing game


Line Runner is cool
Line runner 2 Is Much COOL