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Reviews for "Line Runner"

At first

I was expecting this to be some kind of Line Rider ripoff like that MotorCycle thing that was pretty much just a copy paste, but this was something else.

dude. give credit where its due.

This game is great.

However, it's also a complete ripoff of the Kirby racing minigame in Kirby's Magic Paintbrush for the Nintendo DS.

- You hit food for powerups
- enemies float in midair
- lollipops with squiglies that are ripped right from kirby make you invincible

- you draw a candy-cane line with your hand

I mean, hey, the game is great. And hell, you have good taste to copy such a good video game, but fuck dude.

At least give Kirby some credit.

The only difference between this and the Kirby game is that you have rings in this game and that you added the clever innovation of allowing your character to go upside down changing the gameplay dynamic.

Kickass game, but nowhere NEAR an original concept.


Basset-Hound responds:

This game was based off that kirby game but is really different if you begin to compare.
In this game your speed won´t slow down after a boost,in here you can´t die,in here you go a LOT faster,you have a pizza that makes you go hyper,the lolli makes the gravity twist,the left-click makes it better to dodge,Line Runner is not sticking to the line like in Kirby,its not a race against someone,survival mode is completely different and the free run is good practice.
So you can´t just say that this is a complete ripoff.

Kick ass!

Very good but I suck at it lmao! cant get through it very fast like a pro yet but ill keep trying!

Very well done i like ur work on this game :)
Fun artwork as well...


like my title....shcaweet


Fantastic Game