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Reviews for "Line Runner"

Freakin Sweet Game There!

i like it, its smooth, clean and fast paced. the only problem i did have with it was in free run, i got so far, and then the whole flash player froze up and after about 30 seconds i got a message about a script might be slowing everything down. i killed the script and it made the game pause....the only thing i had a problem with. other than that, its awesome!

Awesome! =)

Great game, good graphics, style and even better gameplay!
One thing that would make the game better, is problaby the ability to toggle different graphic settings. For those with lower spec computers or slower internett lines, may experience lag. All in all a nearly perfect game to play when you really should be working or doing your homework. ^^


THIS GAME ROCKS!!!!!!!! awesome job


This game is fun challenging. Think of Sonic the Hedge Hog when his game were good. But this game like that guy said lacks a story I hope for a full blown game. But it still one hell of a game.

love it

its awesome but a lot of obsticals(i know its misspelled)