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Reviews for "Line Runner"

Fun, but some changes would be nice

This game is pretty fun, but there are some parts that get annoying. I'm sure a lot of people have said this, but theres way too many mines, especially in free run where you're supposed to go fast. You could also have a super fast run where theres only a few mines and tons of rings so you can go super fast. overall a great game!

Fast paced orgasm!

Excelent game! Good song, sounds, animation and overall fast paced action is just awsome!



Nice and fast. Nope, no complaints here.

Wicked Cool!

Quite good. I wish it had a bit more depth to it, but it still is pretty awesome. The song is amazing!

I was very impressed at how much fun this was! I thought it would just be a standard game where you draw a line. You know, the ones where you just draw one and then push a button where the character automatically goes on it. Well, this character did automatically go on it, but boy was it unique! I just love seeing this detail. There’s so much going on every second.

The music was great too. It was pretty hard to avoid those spikes. Whatever, it had so much to it. I had to work hard to keep up with it. I liked all the different powerups too.