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Reviews for "Line Runner"

Buggy for Firefox I suspect...

This game was awesome when it was working for me, very addictive and great style.

I did encounter a problem where I gained a huge amount of speed and ploughed through just about every powerup, causing all the sounds to build up and the flash crashed.

Despite this, it's an awesome game.

very criative

a very creative game, one of those games designed to prove that a great story is not the only part of a serie. Everything was perfect, except for one thing: it runed slow at my computer, so i recomend a 1GHz computer if you want to play this game right, but i have a 800MHz computer and it handled it. keep up the good work!

In theory

It was a cool game, a bit extremely hard to keep up with. You always are confused as to where you are looking at. You wanna look at the character to avoid the mines so you can click to dodge, but you want to also look at the main cursor so you can figure out where to draw. It's a neat game with a great graphic style. But theres too much crap to keep up with.

Fun and Addictive

The game was really fun, the graphics were great as well as the gameplay. I liked the idea of the speedmeter. I only wish that there were a little more space for running and some different backgrounds. Ohher than that the game is flawless.


Excellent. This needs to see a DS release. It bugged up sometimes in free run, when you hit a huge combo...