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Reviews for "Line Runner"

this was awsome....

But more of a song selection wold be nice and maybe like a way to kill those robots in survival o yeah woot 23 place in survival lol

Basset-Hound responds:

You can turn off the sound with the arrow keys and then you can play your own music with your media player.
Tnx for the review :)

interesting, and familliar feel

very nice game, however it felt so much like sonic it was scary. thats probably what you were trying to go for though, and you succeeded. if anyone has a good history with that little blue hedgehog, this game shouldnt be that hard to keep up with. it was a lot of fun though.


i seriously loved this game, it reminded me on sonic in some way. i love goin fast! great game, would love to see more like this.


this game is rly awsoem cept for a couple things...i needs more levels!!!!! this would already make the game way better and i think you should have settings too like easy medium and hard so that everyone can beat the game AND have fun doing it...this game would be GREAT on the wii!!!!


It takes a while to get used to, but aside from that. It's pretty damn awesome!