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Reviews for "Line Runner"


This game is sweet! Very fast paced and great graphics. This may have had little violence or humor, but this game rulz!

Awesome Game

Awesome Game. Very creative spin towards a line rider type of game play. I enjoyed it very much.

The sound glitch that you said has been fixed has not been fixed it just crashed for me.

Even though it does that to me every 3 games. I still love this game to death. :D


loved it. it was a bit too easy, but still fun.

there is a bug where you can start firing about 1/2 way through the reload animation, fix that bug and it should make the sawed off shotty less of a god-weapon.

Really difficult...

But the challenge gives me a reason to play. Awexome job!


Oh, I played this game so much before I got a profile... I love the song SO much! If you will, please give me the name of the song! Please!? PLEASE!?!?