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Reviews for "Line Runner"

Real Sonical

Many conventions of Sonic in here. He runs like Sonic, and rings give him a boost. But this certainly a twist! Can't wait to play this on my Wii! 10/10

Neat little concept you have.

This looks like a simple, but fun cross between Sonic the Hedgehog and Kirby Canvas Curse (for the Game Boy Advance). The controls are annoying at times, and the pre-made level doesn't seem to be enough. I'd like to see this expanded, and possibly refined, though it's quite fun as is. Just a note...once I got up to about 151 km/hour, the whole game suddenly stopped. You should probably put a cap on how fast the little guy can go.

Decent game and great concept but...

Terrible controls! You should be able to move your mouse LEFT and RIGHT also, and the game is a little too fast paced for what it is. (If the controls were better maybe this would play better.) Nice try, though.

cool....i luv it

that a nice game u got there. all tho the controls a bit confusing

Sorry, I know I'm not with the majority on this 1

I have to give my honest opinion though:

The game is simple yet frustrating. The power-ups are cool but there are only a few (pizza, ring, lollipop). I think the game gets boring too quickly. Maybe add some difficulty levels for us hand-eye non-coordinated people lol. I would give it an A for effort but Newgrounds doesn't allow me to do that : /

Sorry, good try though.