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Reviews for "Line Runner"

I should have clicked this link sooner...

The game is really, really, buggy. I get a warning that Flash Media Player is running a script that makes my computer slow, so it asks me if I want to stop it. If I stop it, all kind of weird shit happens in the game, and if I don't, the game just crashes.

Just when I got a score of 95 and was going to finish, it crashed... ;(

But, this is probably the most worthwhile game on Newgrounds. Kudos: superb graphics, amazing music, small file size.

i dont understand

Why people think this is so amazing..there are so many purple mines, that you hit them every 5 seconds, and if you go to fast, then your destined to hit them. Also, even if you flip around, it barely helps.
Its a cool idea, and the sounds are very good, but the play is lame.

very fun game

this is an awesome game. i love it, people mentioning sonic, this is what sonic should be like, high speed. also, where in the world did you get that awesome song? i love it, and id appreciate it if you could tell me where to get it.

i like it

its a great game, an a fun one

its addictive, an i keep playin, even though its killin me in terms of high score an shit

Very nice :D

Neat game, awesome tune, loads of fun.