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Reviews for "SMB: Game Over (1up)"


dude that was fucking funny i almost pee my freking self and almost fell out of my fucking chair

OMG those damn winking clouds are EVERYWHERE!!!

That part did seem a bit weird (and maybe even a little creepy lol), but overall this thing kicked ass. Funny to the eleventy-kajillionth power (lol I'm making up numbers now XP). 5/5 on one f**kin' funny-as-hell SMB flash.

Very funny!

You're definetly my favorite artist on NG!I like your works much,including this one!

I do hope it's rain..


nice movie it was funny and werid but... i dont get it like luigi does werid stuff to mario and people r scared of a winking cloud i just dont get it anyway i have super mario allstars for my snes emulator called zsnes have you got one? please comment and dont be stupid your others movies are really werid

Yoshi-1up responds:

Being weird is a disability, and you have to respect that T_T


Dare I say more?