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Reviews for "SMB: Game Over (1up)"


pretty funny despite it making no sense at all.

And what's up with the spring and the banana?

funny,very funny

how funny was that!tip:never look at a cloud with a smiling face! tee hee 10 rate

. . .

Well, the animation was great, but the hole.. thing..! You know. It didn't contain the classical random 1-UP humour! Actually, it seemed pretty 'fake' to me..
Don't misunderstand me. Everything looked excellent except for the missing 1-UP humour.. ;)

Yoshi-1up responds:

noone has seen my real humor yet >:) YOULL SEE


Funny!!! but what's up with the cloud?

Good Job!

I'm glad I watched this. Thank you. We need more flashes like this!