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Reviews for "SMB: Game Over (1up)"

luigi is the best

Go Weege Go Weege XD i..its awesome! i give it a 5

LOL in Scene 1!
Luigi: Ow!
Luigi: Yay!
Mario: Hit!
Luigi: Thank you.
Mario: (Slapping)
Luigi: (Baby Crying)

Go uigi :)

This is a nice little movie which sort of surprised me. Regularly, most sprite animations have sexual humor. REALLY, just check out Bowser's Kingdom or Super Mario Bloopers. This is a huge exception, but it made me laugh. Keep it up...

Yoshi-1up responds:

Glad you enjoyed it! I just made rules like "super mario all-stars sprites only" "mario game sfx/only only" and tried to make a script without talking. Was a fun project XD