Reviews for "Axis and Allies (4/16)"

Thats Awsome!!!

thats an awsome video. u shood make a game from this kind of format i wood play that everyday. keep making killer flash like this.


This vidio is freking funny I love how the Axis commander allways kills his own guys. I allso love how the sniper dies but as I said before this vidio is FREAKING FUNNY

The best movie of all time~!

I love this movie! I luv the part when he shoots that guy in the turret yet gets blated by the mines xD I swear i fell on the flou and started laughing like hell, please make more! I really enjoy them =)


it was hilarious when the german poped up yelled HALT! then exploded and then the sarge looks at his alcohal containor lol that was the best! make more!

very good

aw man i love your work i cant wait to see more