Reviews for "Axis and Allies (4/16)"

wow thats niiiiiiiiiice!

i love this movie and its style. just because this movie i MUST download that game again. i really hope you will make more of this movies cause this one rox! it was all great! i shall give you a 5 for it! keep up the good work! :D

Great Flash

Awesome work. And to the last guy... 4/16 could also mean April 16th. Just a guess based upon the fact that it was submitted in April, the fourth month hence the four, and the sixteenth day of that month, hence the sixteen.

very Good!

Thx for being like the first person ive seen pay tribute to this game which i used to play way too much was a very good game and i thought you did a good job


A good flash about ET
lol nooby axis (but i just join the side with the least ppl)


lol lol and more LOL

i love it humor 10/10 graphics 10/10 lolfest 10/10! very good flash!