Reviews for "Axis and Allies (4/16)"


i love that game and this flash we funny as hell :D


like the panzerfaust part all dramatic and then Boom (tk)
even theough the graphics were strange, i kinda liked it
you get the 10zers


Question, you still working on Poninjas 7 or wat?

As to this, you gonna make more of this or wat? GREAT FRIGGIN SHIT MAN!!!!

10s all around except interactivity. Could be a bit longer next time too, ending kinda cut out really fast.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahah

this is the funnyest stuff i have ever seen on newgounds ever!!!
you made the Axis power look like dumba**es i love IT!!!
could you kill hitler next time, plz.

I've...fuckin' been there.

Good stuff.

You've clearly played a good deal of Enemy Territory.