Reviews for "Axis and Allies (4/16)"




I like the video. It is pretty good. The only thing it needs is some more funny parts. Great Job.


That was awesome I love wolfenstein! the part with cat was genius.
I feel for fausty... that actully happend to me once. damn bitch went in front of freckin door........ ANYWAY great toon
as I said before w00t!


Actually. He is a Sergeant Major. Lieutenants didn't have stripes in WW2, they used a badge that looked like this: I . The captains had II, and majors had an Edelweiss if I'm not mistaken.

Great movie nevertheless, loved it.

Fricken Nice

This was a great animation! I like the Fausty guy, and the officer killing his own teammates XD. Also, I like the the first part with the Lieutenant (Yes the dude is a lieutenant not a sarge, you can tell by his stripes if you were a military freak :P). Makes you wonder where all that anonymous music comes from O_o. This wasn't really an accurate WWII animation, but I don't know if it was or not. Kinda short also. Hope you continue your work. Good luck ;D!