Reviews for "Axis and Allies (4/16)"

Funny stuff.

I loved the panzerschnrek part and the the part..."Hi :D" "Move! >:(" "No!"

I used to love this video.

i loved it!!!

that was the best military comedey flash iv seen in a while and i like how u used the battlefeild 1942 sounds 4 it!


it was hilarious but you didnt add a song the wicked end

That was fantastic!

Great job man! I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing all the 16 scenes!
And LOL, how could that Nazi possibly miss the cat?! It was only moving its head rather than moving its entire body... But anyways, I'm glad that the cat survived, because I love cats.


Like everybody said finish it... Nazis can't even shoot a cat.

I liked the graphic style of the movie.