Reviews for "Axis and Allies (4/16)"


That war was freaken awesome. & the kitten owned the show. I hope you make more, I build more History in my mind like this lol.

Nice Job, almost good. 3/5

Destroy th- bang....

LOL I love RTCW: ET....

V57! ... JAWHOL!

kick in the ass good

uhh cool good job


excuse me, i must go have an aneurysm from laughing too much.

Had a ton of potential!

Dude, this flash movie had so much potential, I was surprised you didn't do more with it! I was expecting fast-pace action, quick humor, and at least a little blood.

Instead, it moved a bit too slowly, and the humor wasn't as clever as it could have been. Plus, lacked any sort of blood, which detracted from its awesome animation.

Still, the animation was great, the art and style simple yet original, and the effects and scene coordination were well done.

I just felt you could have done more with it...
P.S. Please! Make a second one, and this time include all that lacked! You've got skillz, boy!

AngryMouse14 responds:

Thanks for the great review!

I'm going back and touching up these scenes, and then I'm going to continue with a couple more and make a feature. I will try to make it more fast-paced in both the new scenes and these scenes once i re-work them. Thanks!