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Reviews for "Connect-It"

8 Stars out of 10

Very cool game. Liked it alot. It had a really good sence of urgency at some parts so the items were needed. Some parts they were'nt needed though, so I think the difficulty should have had a more steady pace of difficulty as the levels progressed. Also, Maybe having multiple difficulty levels. The graphics could have been a bit better though. Some of it was kind of crudely drawn.(Take the monkey, for instance.)And next time, don't have the next stage button so close to the main menu button. I got quite far, but then accidently hit the menu button instead of the next stage button. It was very addicting though, and challenging, which I liked. Great game.

Great game.

Although I have seen this type of game in many places, this is by far a better put together version than almost any I have seen.
The only think I didn't like is that from time to time that monkey got moving really really fast.

Addicting and fun!

Great game, it seems to me that a lot of hard work went into this. Here is a pat on the back for all the effort. This is a very entertaining game and more addicting than a cigarette.

Real good

Real nice game. Fast paced. And music goes well with it. The only thing I could say is give it more options.


Its not that fun.

It was kinda stupid. Being able to retry levels for a score penelty would be nice and a little more time on each of the levels.