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Reviews for "Connect-It"

not that original.

Its fun....but, its the same game as "Noah's Ark"

Real fun

Good game , dunno what you people are talking about it isn't fast paced and the timer's too fast , maybe you should think quicker :P , I beat it first time i played , got a score of 2733 , pretty good if I do say so myself. :)

Not enough stuff to buy with money! Had to much whole game.

it was okay...

but I give you no credit for originality...This game was made quite a while ago, and with pretty much the same proficiency and quality. it went by the name of "Noah's Ark" (2 of every animal har har) I'm not saying it was bad...just...It's been done before.

The little powerups are kinda new, although in that one they just weren't "Purchaseable" per say.

Not Great Not Good Either

this game didnt really blow me away at all and it was also very hard. i didnt really see how it was supposed to be a fast past click game because all fast paced click games are very simple. this game was in no way simple. and the sudden change of characters in the middle of the game made it very difficult and the levels didnt really increase in difficulty either the difficulty varied on all the levels. the music was also repetitive you could have included at least 1 more song

Too fast

I know the idea was to make a quick-paced game, but really the monkey moved way too fast. I suggest having different levels of play: beginner, intermediate, and expert so that those of all expertise (even sad, sad people like me) can enjoy the game.
On a positive note, the critters were really cute and the concept of the game is fun. :)