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Reviews for "Connect-It"

Let's see..how do I put it...

You have a good idea with these of...quick reactions but... is this some sort of game to prove if you are sure about your sexuality or something?? Come on!! rabbits...whales...ducks... a fuckin' monkey climbing a tree... *speechless*

How gay do you want to make us..


A two year olds game plastered with sponsors? *Cripes*

Quite a sweet little game

I like games like this which test the reflxes. This would have been hard had it not been for the range of bonuses, which made it fairly easy, as you had like 5 different power ups per level. It was only tricky on the final few levels, where the whole screen was full of different animals.


I liked it but I kept clicking the main Menu button by accident trying to click next lvl. that should really be changed. Or maybe I jsut need to stop having A.D.D when I'm trying to play a game.


Fun game but it gets old really fast. The music could be changed to something less repetitive.