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Reviews for "Connect-It"

nice one

that was a pretty fun game. this one did have a pretty nice challenge to it and was quite entertaining and addicting. the graphics were nice and the controls were pretty simple to figure out. i liked the audio in this one as well, though there could've been more audio... not just the one song.. but overall, it was nice.

Great Game!!

This is a very addictive and fun game. My only problem with it is that the music gets a lil annoying after awhile. Luckily you added the off button. But if you make a second game try to make diffenrent sound tracks.

Great game.

This game is amazingly addictive. just one thing. i dont know why, but when you top the '*******' that holds the first place spot on the rankings, it dosnt show your score. i've consistently scored over 5k and nothing. Other than that, great game.

Good Stuff!!!

The song is ADDICTING...Can you make me an MP3 file for this song? :P


Good work.

A nice twist to a familiar game style. Good graphics, and decent music for the game's pace.

Also, not sure how the last reviewer found him/herself questioning his/her sexuality while playing because of monkeys and whales... :S