Reviews for "300 FAGGOTS"

didnt like it

I just plain didn't like it. The mix of Microsoft sam as the sound and the graphics were bad so I just don't like it.

F4Gg0T responds:


Epic Fail!

Was I supposed to laugh?
300 Queers is 300 times more entertaining.
Read a book...


That was the worst 300 rip I have EVER SEEN!!! that was worse than watching B&W silent films from the 20 all day, and why say UHTA is gay? just cause he has made a MUCH MUCH better 300 movie than you.

Not Funny At All

There was no nuance to what you had to say in there and your phallic symbols in no way resembled anything remotely Spartan-esque. The 300 movie was not historically accurate at all and you took it to some sort of gay-bashing world with low-resolution and grainy graphics. Total crap all the way around I am afraid to say. Feel free to try again.


Bad beyond description. If I could give you a negative scoring, I would.