Reviews for "300 FAGGOTS"

Piece of SHIT!!!!!!

This was the worst thing on earth!!!! Sorry no constructive criticism for this one admins.

oh my god.

what the hell was that, shit man who was the asshole who wrote that shit, the biggest peace of shit I seen,

ur right.

300 queers was pretty good, this wasnt.

BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD(not a sheep joke)

-5 Bad use of microsoft Sam
-3 Ofensive pepole should be aloud to be gay if they want(I am not gay.Just to leave ye know. No sericle I am not.)
-2 what Hepirblazes said


Amazaning that this didn't win turd of the week. Did make this flash in like 0.05 seconds did you really actually tried to accomplish something . Stop animating this kind of shit I don't want to see it on NG it dosen't belong here it dosent belong any were it should not even been made.