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Reviews for "Sh - Sacred Grove (Sh RMX)"

zelda and okami?

I can tell that it is the sacred grove but do I also hear a bit of Okami influence in this?

Shamukh responds:

No sir. Didn't know what Okami was until I looked it up just now.

Thanks for the review!

I like this

this is cool

Shamukh responds:


Thanks. :)

well done

A nice chilled out one, good job man.

Shamukh responds:

Thank you very much. :)


Reminds me of Röyksopp stuff, and it's something that I could hear in a game etc. . Always nice to hear from you. How about you send this to me in 320 :D What software did you use (VSTs etc)? :3 Great stuff 10/10

Shamukh responds:

Thanks. :3

I used Ableton Live. Forgot what I used for most patches, but I'm sure NI Massive was used. Also, sendin 320 kbps, rofl.

Nice Remix

This really takes me back. It is a really good piece and I wish more people listened to it, but it does get a little repetitive and boring after a while. I give the music 9/10 stars, and one extra star for taking me back to Kokiri Forest.

Shamukh responds:

Repetitive and boring, huh? I s'pose that fits the "ambient" genre quite well! (At least for most.) :P

Anyway, glad you like it, and thank you very much for the review! <3