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Reviews for "Sh - Sacred Grove (Sh RMX)"


Great song man always love some good zelda music.

Shamukh responds:

Me too man thanks. :>

saved and played....

I do not write a lot of reviews on music....but your's i just gotta....
....I LOVED this....

Out of all the remixes and re-do's and ect. thats out there for this one song, its
been yours that i enjoyed the most with....
Excellent performance in everything....not a single mess up in my view.



Shamukh responds:

Thanks! Much appreciated. :>

It's all been said already...

This song is the shit. Nuff said, great job.

Shamukh responds:

Chill username.

damn it!

damn it, i'am totally lost in my mind listening to this song!...nah but it's pretty cool

i really enjoy the rhythm of the song already, but brought it to another level,

for me rhythm is a big thing u you did a great job of doing one!

awesome job dude

Shamukh responds:

Thanks a lot. :>

Too good fore more than just a review

This honestly belongs in the overclocked website section, but that's my opinion. However, I have to say this song track has so much quality and emotion I am very moved. The echo wooden flute is probably what gave this track a very good back bone throughout the rhythm. +A

Shamukh responds:

Wow, thanks a lot! <3 A little thought in the back of my mind thought "hey maybe I should send this to OC" when I finished it, but haha, I personally think I'd have to do a few touch-ups. :>

Again thanks a lot! Glad you enjoyed it. :)