Reviews for "DD : The collab"


This really made me want to bust out my old crappy NES, and get out "The Revenge" (only one I have). In this col;lab, I cannot say I was fond of the music, not my style at all. But the graphics were AWESOME. Some of the best I've seen. The only problem I have, that I have with a lot of collabs is one person is taking WAY to much credit and putting his name EVERYWHERE and before others of equal or greater talent. I hate that. Great job guys, one of the best collabs on Newgrounds this year! Can't wait to see it on front page! 5's and 10's all around!

rebaz responds:

the music..was CUUL AMGZ i think
yea, DD II rulez.. wait you hate that i put my name everywere? i just put my name where it belonged? i dont get you
lol, frontpage, only reason i want this on frontpage, so people could See it, i dont want stupid award =P


Very nice. Good consistant qualities and nostalgia throughout.

Try not to go crazy on people like that btw, I understand emotions run high when you submit good work but people are entitled to thier opinions - however misguided they may be.

rebaz responds:

nahh, that guy before me is a bitch, go read the others reviews, i'm normaly realy nice, but he is acting so high of himself,

but thanks you understand

~Rebaz Talei


Good job guys awesome collab

rebaz responds:



Despite the truth being one or more members that go by the name "Bendo" linked me here telling me to leave a nice review, I'm sure all parts throughout were so fantastic I dare not ruin my expectations by watching it.

Chick, chicka chicka.

rebaz responds:

wtf? i dont want reviews like this, i'd rather have a honest review then all 101 010 110 10 10 , fuck this man, fuck you and fuck bendo

awesome job

this are the best