Reviews for "DD : The collab"


good job guys, you are really improving

rebaz responds:

this is some old stuff, everyone in this crew is now alot better besides me =(

hey nice collab

one of the better ones i've seen lately, kinda underrated in my opinion

good job

rebaz responds:

yoyoy sup
glad ya liked it LOASFL ASDLGMDFM

Really nice

this was a great collab, awesome art by kakos and bendo!

rebaz responds:

what a suck up, .....truely a suck up,
....all these reviews is about bendo bendo bendo...wtf....ygfvknhjb,


But very boring with stupid music

rebaz responds:

your review is boring
and your submittions are boring

Flash by Davit:
- none -

nice job dude, i love your submittions they are the best on NG, i should give you a blowjob now...like right now..yea...you are the best


this cant be improved at all cos its so good, DD:The Collab > The Impossible quiz

rebaz responds:

├Żou think so? YOU ROX,