Reviews for "DD : The collab"


That was 12 megs well spent! I hope my Double Dragon Tribute will be just as good as this.

rebaz responds:

yoooo sup,
glad ya liked it , and your stuff is GREATS AMG, your DD tribute? WHEN WHY HOW WA?SDAS?D! pm me when its done LOL

Kick ass

I think this collab was awesome, you guys kick ass, this was, in a good way, sick, and Double Dragon kicks ass, and I should try and bring them back in a brand new game.

rebaz responds:

you shouuld try? you make games wha? huh? i dont get it , ah well AWESOME

Nice job guys!

It looks like you all put a lot of effort into it. It deffinitely paid off. I hope to see more collabs from you guys. Keep it up guys.

Bendo's was AWESOME!!!

rebaz responds:

"Bendo's was AWESOME!!!"


yo that was hot

this collab was put together really well. the parts went together smoothly. you guys are really improving on your skills. keep up the good work.

rebaz responds:

hot like a barbecue? LASDGJASDHKL:F


wow i liked this, underrated totally, i would have given this weekley!

rebaz responds:

X_x.....wow you rule