Reviews for "Daylight Train Crossing"


Ahhhhh!!! damn u. im addicted to this song now i cant stop listening to it. thaks for creating such a beautiful song

Yodamanjaro responds:


Inspirational, manifestation of beauty!

Amazing chord structure and sound, especially with the synth lead. Great cutoff effects, as well! The piano is a lovely, simplistic compliment of a melody. The constant A Fifth is wonderfully structured. The accelerando at the beginning is a great and tension building intro. Very nice job!

Nothing really. I'm slightly bugged when I have this song on repeat and it starts all over with that accelerando at the beginning, but did I say it was bad? No! :D

Beautiful piece. ONE THING I NOTICED, while pursuing a project of my own (my family doing an a capella version of "Hide and Seek" (Imogen Heap), that the bridge (where she says "Mmmm whatcha say...") has the EXACT SAME CHORD STRUCTURE as this song. I was wondering if you got the inspiration from that song :P

Keep up the good work, bro. Faved :D

-A fellow electronic artist

Yodamanjaro responds:

Listen to enough music and you'll see that chord progressions are recycled. That's because music is recyclable. Even melodies (parts of them at least) have been redone over time and in most occasions this is by accident. I have never heard of the song you mentioned so the answer is "I wasn't inspired by that song when I produced this track."

And since you're "a fellow electronic artist," could you do me a favor and head over to my Soundcloud account? I've got some more recent stuff that may please your ears even more than this track.


this song is pretty cool to listen to. To me it just fits the theme of starting something new and difficult in life (:

Yodamanjaro responds:

Definitely. Thanks for the review!

Y'know... I'm not much of a trance guy but...

I friggin' love this song. I dunno why... I guess I feel like it's one of those calming "feels like I'm flying" trance songs. I'm a sucker for those. Great work, my friend.

Yodamanjaro responds:

It's called uplifting trance. Thanks for the review.

Its so nice make me this song for itunes!

Yodamanjaro responds:

Ha I wish, thanks for the review man.