Reviews for "Daylight Train Crossing"

i notice Symphonic Tower Defense is down but still up lucky fave it

Wow! It's still sounds awesome!
Nice pad sound. VST and preset names, pls :3

u beautiful
can i buy u
12 potato

Yodamanjaro responds:

lol Thanks!

if could I give to you 6 stars...

Yodamanjaro responds:


I am not usually into techno/trance and the like (and cannot even tell them apart, I am afraid), but this tune is one the precious few exceptions. I truly think it is a gem and proof that one does not have to be a reknowned DJ to be able to create great music! Honestly: this tune was the reason I played Symphonic TD for as long as I did.

I know there is a remake out there, but for me, this version takes the prize. The piano is more in the spotlight in this version and I think it is just a matter of personal taste that this makes me appreciate this version more. Perhaps this version is less club material and more easy-listening than the remake? I do not know. It is hard to review music in an objective way, but I think the author should take the positive comments more seriously, because I can honestly believe someone WOULD really mean that this is literally the best music they ever heard - I can see it touching one on an emotional level, and it has a bit of melancholy mixed through its upbeat atmosphere.

In short: a true gem! Thank you for making and posting it - and keeping this older version online!